Elect Ron Payne For
Dare School Board

Education is one of the most important functions of state and local government. Parents today are extremely concerned that there is too much political or ideological indoctrination in school systems around the State of North Carolina. The main focus of the School Board, administrators, teachers, students and parents should be that of student and academic achievement and not about such things as Critical Race Theory and gender identification. I will work hard to keep Dare County Schools focused on student and academic achievement instead of indoctrination and making sure that our students are prepared for life after high school whether it be college or university, technical or trade school, the military, entrepreneurship, or the work force. Our students should be critical thinkers and life-long learners!

As a teacher, department chair, assistant principal and principal, I have 23 years of success in public education. I have taught at the university level in the subject areas of Instructional Strategies and Classroom Management and have administrative experience at the elementary, middle school and high school levels.

My family is from Stumpy Point, NC. My grandad was a waterman, boatbuilder and Post Master in Stumpy Point, both he and my grandmother are charter members of Shiloh Methodist Church in Stumpy Point. My dad was born and raised in Stumpy Point, graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, the Medical College of Virginia and was the first dentist in Manteo.

If you have an idea or concern, I will listen, because we all must work as a team to ensure that Dare County Public Schools improve every year and strive to be the best school district in the State of North Carolina and a model for other schools to follow! Please feel free to contact me and I look forward to having your support in the upcoming November election.

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